This is a question I sometimes ask myself. Other questions follow including, “Does it matter if they are?” and if I decide it does, “What can they do to catch up?”. I’d go as far to say that I’m increasingly asking these questions and getting a little worried about the conclusions I draw.


The sun was shining so I decided to go for a walk into town to get some lunch. On the way I heard a crash behind me. I turned around to see a motorcycle on its side and a motorcyclist lying beside it. A stationary car was nearby. I’m a trained first aider so I dashed across …
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Earlier today I looked up to find one of my team shaking his head. I enquired if everything was OK, but the smirk on his face suggested that he was not facing Armageddon. He showed me a configuration dialog for a product he is working on. The product is still very much work in progress, …
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It is a bugbear of mine that when I install an application, I want as much control over how it is installed as possible. I want options for what is being installed, and where it is installed. It’s not much to ask. So excuse me whilst I complain about an application (that will remain nameless) that …
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The UK is going to the polls on Thursday. Unlike the French who are electing their President this weekend, we are only electing our Local Councillors and in London the Mayor and London Assembly. This is not normally an issue for most as our ballot papers are clear and the voting process relatively easy to understand. For …
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